Paleo at San Ysidro Ranch, Montecito

It’s been a lovely getaway here at the San Ysidro Ranch; the perfect place for some R&R after Sunday’s marathon.

This is a particularly special place for my husband and me, having spent the days leading up to our wedding here, as well as several birthdays and anniversaries.

I could go on for hours about the accommodations, the nearby hiking and running trails and the simple serene nature of the place, but since I’m not a travel writer but Paleoista, I may as well get straight to the point:  the dining here is incredible.

With their own, on-site organic garden at their fingertips, and local wild protein sources, the chef and kitchen easily prepare a vast array of wonderful options.

From the Sauteed Garlic Chard, Farm Fresh Eggs over-easy and bowl of berries we enjoyed for breakfast to the Kale Salad with House-Smoked Bacon, Heirloom Cauliflower and Soft Poached Egg , followed by the Venison chop, Baked Sunchokes with Roasted Asparagus and Braised Endive, Kumquat  and Fennel Pollen I enjoyed at last night’s dinner, there is no lack of options for fine dining that is at the same time decadent, delicious, delightful…and Paleo, whether or not the menu says it in so many words.

In fact,  I’d almost argue that the menus I’ve seen that follow this template versus those who have ‘Paleo-ized’ a recipe, such as making almond flour noodles and serving it with cashew ‘cheez’ in order to serve ‘Paleo Fettuccine Alfredo’ are far closer to the real deal in the first place.

When in Montecito, regardless if if you’re staying at SYR or not, you’ve simply got to dine here at the Stonehouse.

You’ll be glad you did!