Paleo Skewered Steak & Veggies on the Grill… or in the Oven!

Have you tried this seemingly simple meal but wondered why the veggies are all dried out, the meat is still rare and the skewers are ablaze?

Or perhaps you've wanted to make skewers but keep running into recipes calling for soy, due to its glutamic acid content, which is often used as a tenderizer.

There are a few things worth considering:

  1. Did you make sure everything was roughly the same size?
  2. Did you marinate your veggies in whatever you used for your steak?
  3. Did you soak the skewers in advance?

When I've taught clients how to do this recipe, the three simple fixes above seem to occur quite a bit.

So, here it is:

– Cut up your veggies to the same size as eachother and as the meat.  I used red onion, mushroom and bell pepper along with grass-fed sirloin tips.


-Prepare a marinade- I used olive oil, fresh garlic, freshly ground black pepper and the last of a bottle of Cab Sauv that was past its prime.  Divide it in half, then mix half with the veggies, and the other with the steak in a zippy bag, then place in the fridge.


-After an hour or two, thread the veggies & meat onto the pre-soaked skewers and then either grill outdoors or broil in your oven.

-Serve with your favourite veggies & salad (shown below with husband's utensils about to attack):