Paleo Thanksgiving with a Mexican Spin

Hi Nell,

We just got invited to a friend's house for Thanksgiving, and she wants us to bring a Mexican-style dish. Any suggestions on what to bring that is Mexican and Paleo? She is making a TON of cheesy, non-Paleo foods so whatever I bring has to have lots of goodness in it since it's probably going to be all I end up eating.



I love the idea of a Mexican Food/Thanksgiving Food/Paleo Food fusion!  

I love Mexican Cuisine.  NO, it is NOT all about rice & beans, by the way… if you've been avoiding dining at this type of regional restaurant for fear that you wouldn't find anything Paleo suitable, I'm happy to tell you that you can!

I'd have to say my personal fave to prep would have to be fajitas.  Granted, some traditional recipes call for Worcester Sauce (I've been told off for not using it buy non-Paleo, die-hard-Mexican-Food-Aficionados) but since you're making it, you're in control!


Since there will quite likely already be turkey (hmm…. maybe), I'd opt for steak (shrimp is SO easy to overcook, thus the choice of red meat) fajitas.

So easy, too..

Since you're making the dish at home and bringing it (assuming this), just julienne cut assorted colors of bell peppers, onion, carrot and saute in garlic & olive oil. I'd marinate some grass fed skirt steak in garlic, lime and olive oil, then cut into strips and saute that, too.  Mix them all together and place on top of a bed of steamed kale in a large glass or ceramic baking dish.  Sprinkle some minced cilantro on top.. and cover with foil with the intention of serving it warm.

I'd also make some guacamole, which is a good idea any time of year!