Peaches The Size of Grapefruits?

Do you recall reading a book when you were a child called James and the Giant Peach?  I remember it well.  I enjoyed the story. 

But I  never actually expected to see one before my very eyes.

The other day while perusing a local market,  as I made my way to the small, organic section, I passed by the conventionally grown, local produce in session in California:  all the berries, the summer stone fruits and the tomatoes.

I knew better than to even think twice about the tomatoes; we all know how awful and styrofoam-like most tomatoes purchased at the market are.

What caught my eye was not the shiny, lacquered wax on the apples from New Zealand nor the wilted, shriveled up blueberries from Chile, but the peaches.

They were about five times the size of the organic ones.

And people were buying them!

Granted, if you weren’t looking at them right next to each other, you might possibly take it out of context and forget how small they’re supposed to be, but still…

One more way to decipher whether or not something is a good choice to eat is to factor in its size.  Just like chickens are not meant to be as big as the Foster Farms 5-pounders (pastured hens weigh in around 2=-pounds), peaches are not meant to be the size of grapefruits.

If you want a fruit that big, well, have a grapefruit.

Sticking with the real version of a local, organic, seasonal peach will allow you to experience its true flavor in the small portion and subsequent lower fructose content it offers versus a giant, GMO version filled with who knows what.

Stick to the True Paleo approach and your body will better for it!