Poaching & Baking Fruit for the Holidays

Yesterday, one of my readers sent me a question:  "How do you bake apples?".

Easy as pie- oh, dear, excuse the awful pun!

You can make an easy, Paleo dessert by baking or poaching many different types of fruits.  Granted, apples and pears do come to mind first, as they tend to be locally available and quite seasonal, but if you're in an area where you have access to other fruits- try them, too! Poached peaches or baked plums can be fabulous additions to the holiday table!


-Peel, then core your fruit.  Place upright in a baking dish with water, and (optional) some white wine, or real vanilla extract, and perhaps a cinnamon stick or two.  Bake at 400 til soft, then choose whether you'd like to serve warm (maybe garnished with a sprinkling of toasted walnuts?), or chilled.



-Similar prep, but this time you'll be doing the task on the stove top.   Place upright in a heavy bottomed pot and simmer til soft.   I like to poach pears, then serve along side some homemade (no sugar or anything ele added) coconut cream  A dash of nutmeg on top is a nice addition!

Enjoy the completely Paleo dessert!