Recipe for Health: Paleo Granola? Oh, Come Now!

It’s getting worse every day.  Not only are we being inundated with recipes for “Paleo” ice cream, cookies, muffins and waffles, now they’re being classified as healthy snacks.

This is getting dangerous, people…tread lightly.

Today in an article on IDEA Fit’s newsletter, a leading resource for fitness and wellness professionals was a piece entitled “Recipe for Health: Paleo Granola”.

While making granola (or anything) at home is often healthier than a store bought variety, the idea of calling this Paleo and worse yet, calling it healthy, defeats the purpose.

Starting the day, or having a snack made of inflammatory (thanks to the high nut content, all of which are packed with Omega 6s and low on Omega 3s), sugary (honey and maple syrup, the latter of which is not Paleo, ever) and salt (also not Paleo) is neither Paleo, nor healthy.

As a special treat, once in a while?  Sure, not a big deal to eat something made with almond flour, honey and dates; but to promote this as a healthy way to start the day blurs the lines of the very principles of what Paleo is all about.

What is a healthy Paleo breakfast, then?  Any wild protein, balanced with local, fresh, seasonal veggies and some quality fat, like raw avocado, coconut or olive oil.

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