Eat Well on Vacation: Head to the Farmer’s Market


Gosh, it’s good to be back on the islands.

We missed the Wednesday market down on Ali’i Drive in Kona, but that doesn’t mean we’re totally out of luck.

Restaurants from high end to hole in the wall offer freshly caught wild fish, organic island veggies and coconut from right outside the door.

This makes it super simple to eat well, support the local community and stay on point for the race on Saturday with a nourished body and crystal clear mental focus.

While poke is one of the most common island options here in Kona, I tend to go for simple: sashimi. 

(Aside from not having to think about how much, if any, soy one might want to ingest, keeping it basic lets you enjoy the ono, the opah or the ahi all on its own- oh-so delicious!)

Typical eating in Kona for the days leading up to an event doesn’t change all that much with the exception of strategically adding in some starch to my meals the day before the race.

In particular, I love the blue Hawaiian Sweet potatoes we find here; roast them in coconut oil or duck fat with a sprinkling of himalayan pink salt and you’ll be in Heaven.

Click here to check out a recipe for this dish.