The Decadence of Frozen Fruit

Missing your ice-cream, now that you’re Paleo? 

Rather than going faux-Paleo with some of the choices for ice-creams or substitutes on the market these days, why not keep it simple and just eat fruit?

It may sound like something that would never fit the bill, but before you judge, consider:

  • If you have frozen fruit, rather than ice cream, you’re actually eating something good for you versus something that’s quite likely to cause congestion, bloating and possibly a skin breakout.
  • With preparation consisting of little more than simply washing the fruit and placing it in the freezer on a piece of wax paper, you’re not exactly going to be pressed for time to create this dessert.
  • Pairing options aboud; frozen cherries with a piece of raw, dark chocolate, sliced frozen banana with a sprinkling of toasted pecans or frozen blueberries thrown into your morning smoothie are just three possibilities.

Even if you’re not completely into True Paleo and you choose to eat old fashioned ice cream once in a while, opting for this Paleo friendly option even sometimes is a step in the right direction.