Top Myths in Fueling for Fitness and How Paleo Eating Can Help

Last week, I focused on National Heart Month, with blog posts on what Paleo foods help to promote heart health. Actually, let me rephrase; all Paleo foods help heart health!  I simply chose some of my favorites to illustrate a balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrate to outline how following a Paleo regime is far from following a restrictive ‘diet’. It’s unlikely that anyone who already has implemented a True Paleo regime was surprised to read that wild salmon, grass fed meat and avocado are conducive to promoting heart health, so hopefully the message was shared a bit to teach friends, colleagues and family a little more about what Paleo really is compared to what the media hypes it out to be. On the flip side, some of the posts this week might be a bit more controversial in the sense that I’m going to be writing about some of the most common myths we see in the field of how to fuel for fitness, from endurance training to Cross Fit sessions and how many of the products we’re told we ‘must have’ are not only not necessary, they’re harmful. From depending heavily on refined carbohydrates to ‘needing’ a whey-based recovery shake to consuming far too much sodium to replace what was lost in sweat, my goal this week is to help set the record straight and show, once again, how a real Paleo regime honestly does fuel the body for any type of physical endeavor. Tune in each morning and feel free to email me during the week if there is a specific question you have for this week’s theme on Paleo fueling for workouts. Meanwhile, check out Pocket Paleo Workout (on both iTunes as well as amazon) for some basics along with fifty recipes to fuel your every workout, whether you’re a triathlete like me, a yogi, a pilates aficionado or Cross Fitter; all bases are covered!