True Paleo Away From Home

It goes without saying that it’s far easier to follow your True Paleo regime when you’re buying all your own produce, wild fish and game and preparing everything at home.

What happens the first time you foray out into the world of restaurant dining, send your kids off to school to fend for themselves amongst a deep fried, nutrient-lacking school lunch or…gasp- attempt to eat healthfully while traveling?

These are three of the top five most tricky situations that clients report having difficulty with in terms of keeping Paleo the other being sticking to your guns at work and in social settings.

It’s more than doable to keep on top of your game in even the most compromising situations, as long as you have a game plan.

This is precisely why I’ve created my handy little How to Paleo Guide.  For less than a buck, you can learn how to work through grey areas, when sometimes you’ve simply got to make the better choice of two or three not so great options.    A can of tuna and a bag of toasted nuts from a gas station stop on a road trip with an apple that’s not organic is still a better option than a candy bar!

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