Which Foods Should You Not Eat After Their Expiration Date?

Um…. all of them?  If they’re food in the first place?

Why does food need to have a printed date on the label, and why does it need a label?  Is it even food then?

Oh, dear, here I go.

Yesterday, I received and email with the subject line asking the question above.  Or, rather, it was going to tell me the top ten foods not to eat after their expiration date.

As if to say there are others that are ok to consumer after they’ve ‘expired’?

Oddly enough, when I opened the email, I never found the article which was going to enlighten me on what those ten foods were, so, alas, I cannot share them with you, but really, let’s think about this.

How about just buying fresh food, prepping it and eating it in a timely manner and not having to worry about an expiration date (or that darn label), and just relying on common sense?

For example, an apple purchased last week that was left to sit on the counter top and is now brown and fizzy should not be eaten.  And on the other hand, the basket of organic strawberries that was purchased this morning at the farmer’s market should be.

Not too hard.

Please. If you have anything in a package with a label (and there certainly are some foods that can fit into this category and still work for an In A Pinch Paleo Scenario), check the date.  If it’s old, toss it.  There is simple no good reason to risk it.  (And further more, please don’t give the contents to your dog; our beloved canines aren’t rubbish bins!)

Just. Eat. Fresh. True. Food.