Happy, Healthy Paleo Thanksgiving!

Whether this is your first Thanksgiving you’re hosting in keeping with the Paleo lifestyle or your twentieth, sometimes we all need to take a quick step back and review the basics.

Admittedly, I tend to get overwhelmed at times with all the details that go into hosting such a special dinner, and it’s easy to lose sight of what this day is all about!

Giving thanks.

  • Start the day with a quick run, a walk around the block with your dog or a short hike on the trails with a dear friend.  Even though it may be shorter than your norm, taking a break from kitchen duty can be all it takes to clear your head and come back to being the host/ess with the mosses. When you’re out there, set aside your fear of the turkey being too dry or Uncle Tim’s persistence that everyone must eat his famous apple pie.   Refocus  on all you have and how truly grateful you are.
  • Make your breath your focus…just for a minute.  Regardless of how stressed out you might feel because your mom isn’t speaking to that one cousin, or how your son behaved quite badly last year and you’re concerned he’ll do so again, set those aside and, again, regroup.  
  • Come home with an enlightened approach.   You’ve planned everything so well, you’re all set to present a lovely array of Paleo choices over a beautifully set table with people you hold dear to your heart.   It doesn’t matter if this includes family, friends or a combination of both. Isn’t this really what’s most important?  Being with those who make up your close circle of loved ones?
  • Eat well throughout the morning.  Focus on fresh veggies and lean, wild proteins.  Don’t try to ‘save’ your calories in order to eat too much at the main meal.  Our bodies don’t work well that way and that approach often leads to an uncomfortable feeling of being ‘stuffed’, not unlike the main dish turkey in a non-Paleo meal, or even worse, a food coma.  Keep the balance!

Now…get ready to enjoy that pastured turkey and pan seared Brussels Sprouts!

Happy, Healthy, Paleo Thanksgiving from my home to yours!