Why Am I So Fat…the Film

What is that? Per the film’s website: “A light-hearted, super-informative, eye-opening, and challenging, but with a good heart and comedy, the project should play more like a feel-good version of Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me or a less aggressive version of a Michael Moore documentary. Since our goal is to ultimately explore the options that people have for health and fitness, the scope of our documentary is pretty wide. In the way that Food, Inc. and Freakonomics both use their information to bring things to light that you may not have known about in the modern world, both for food production and on other topics, we are using the documentary to educate people about the different options out there, the choices they can make in the modern world to stay healthy, how to get the right results for their body, and how to make a lasting change. It’s inspiring, and educational in a way that will make sense to the viewer so they can walk out of the movie feeling good about themselves, about their potential to change, and more.” A while back, I was contacted about doing an interview as part of this very documentary that was being created. Intrigued, I agreed right away, and the interview was conducted in my home shortly thereafter. Some time elapsed before I heard from the producer again, as he and the small crew were busy traveling and gathering information from a wide range of experts, professionals and contributors to their project. To my happy surprise, Tony, the producer, attended a Paleo in LA Meet Up I’d organized back in June and updated me that things were going exceedingly well; even better than he’d hoped. And it’s even bigger than that now… but your help is needed. The film is taking longer than expected to complete, so a Kickstarter campaign has been created to to raise the remainder of the money they need for animation and post-production costs. Link to their Kickstarter campaign Movie Fan Page Please consider helping out- every amount counts to help get this incredibly informative documentary out and help educate those who need it most, and to begin to approach positive change from a preventative manner (as in- eating real food rather than packaged, processed junk) which will result in a much healthier society.