Cleanin’ out the kitchen…

One of the services I offer to my clients is the 'kitchen clean out'.  It involves throwing out ALL the junk in the fridge, cupboards, freezer and so on.   

Why?  Guess what?  If you don't have any junk in the house, you're far less likely to go out and buy junk if you're having what you feel is a craving too strong to fight!  

What if you got home from work and instead of defaulting to snacking on crackers and other processed junk, your options were carrots, apples, bell peppers and so on?  Munch on those while you're preparing dinner and you'll save hundreds of calories (compared to if you'd gone with the chips) and you'll actually still have an appetite for your dinner!

One way to approach the clean out ,if you're doing it independently, is to simply discard anything that is in a box, or a mix, or a can or that's been sitting there too long!  Yes, this is a more extreme way of going about it, and I'm NOT saying that there's NEVER anything good in a box or can, just that if you're not in close proximity to an expert to help you out, you can try this approach.

After you've rid your kitchen of the junk, take the time to clean out the shelves and get ready to stock your fridge and pantry with some healthy foods from your next trip to the grocery store*.  

*One simple tip to help on the next grocery store excursion is to shop around the perimeter; save the inner aisles for toothpaste and tampons, as my husband says!  All the produce, fresh meat, fish and poultry (read:  FOOD) will be at your disposal if you simply remember to shop around the edges.

Need more guidance than that?  Stay tuned for my upcoming book which is a user friendly guide to bring all my food shopping & preparation expertise to your fingertips!

Keep eating healthy!