Meat Causes Diabetes, According to a Study….Oh, Really?

“Meat has a higher correlation to diabetes than sugar”, was the opening line on recent Fox News, Houston piece. “Animal Fat is the culprit as is animal protein” stated Dr. Garth Davis, the doctor who was interviewed for the piece. He carried on to tell us about a  ‘big study’ conducted in Europe to find what caused diabetes.  Initially, the thinking was that  it was carbs but this ‘big study’ showed a very low correlation between carbs and the disease but a strong correlation between all kinds of animal protein and diabetes. Hmm.  Go figure. The good doctor continued and shared this gem: “By eating a protein and a fat together’ (or ‘sugar and fat’, actually, he added)  anytime you’re eating anything that will rise (yes, he said rise) your insulin, which is protein and carbs it draws fat into your cells and then your cells don’t respond.” This was a verbatim quote. Quite an interesting way to describe how the body utilizes certain substrates and how ‘it draws fat into your cells and then your cells don’t respond”. What does that even mean, Dr. Davis? He then cited another study in diabetics went on a vegan diet including pasta, cereals, lots and lots of fruit versus subsequently fared did much better than those who followed an “ADA Diet which is rich in meat”. What diet is that, then? Finally, he enlightens us with the “SAD creates a situation where Americans are extremely sick and have the highest rates of diabetes, all because of eating meat at every meal”. Right! I’m sure it has nothing to do with the obscene amount of sugar that is consumed, along with processed grains and fat free dairy. It’s just because we’re eating meat. I’m honestly wondering if this isn’t really a farce of a newscast?? If only… Here’s the thing- if you’re going to make such statements, they should at least be partly accurate…even a teeny, tiny bit?  Diabetes has nothing to do with carbs and everything to do with meat consumption? OK, common sense to the rescue!