Paleo Babies… and Mamas to Be!


Wondering whether The Paleo Diet is suitable for kids?  

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The blog is written by "Whitney", and here is her overview: 


"We're a family of three who have been eating Paleo/Primal for about

two years now. It was my diet throughout pregnancy and has continued

on while breast feeding. Our child eats Paleo as does Mr. Husband, who was

the one who got us into Paleo.


As I'm sure most of you already know there aren't a lot of resources

or information regarding a Primal/Paleo diet during pregnancy and for

raising a child so I figured since we were prime examples, I'd fill

the void!


Our daughter, Quinn, is the main focus of the blog. I write about our

daily lives and menu and include many photos to illustrate.


Quinn has only known a Paleo/Primal lifestyle. She doesn't eat grains

or refined sugars and only drinks water (or breastmilk). She spends

much time outside with me in a mei tai baby carrier and as she becomes

more mobile we're hoping to reinforce that play can be exercise, too

and that it's best done outdoors.


In addition to a Paleo/Primal diet, we also blog about ecologically

breastfeeding, cloth diapering, babywearing, co-sleeping, not

(possibly selectively in the future) vaccinating, green living,

simplifying life and modern minimalism. Granted, I believe that ALL of

those can easily fall under a Modern Paleo category. 😉


I would really love to meet others who raise their children in a

Primal/Paleo lifestyle and I hope that through my blog more people

will become aware of how their diet and lifestyle not only affects

their health and well-being but that of their children.


And, for the record – Quinn has not only survived but has thrived only

knowing a Paleo existence. She has exceeded all growth charts and

seems to be much more physically capable than many of her CW peers. In

addition, she eats real (not pureed/processed) food on her own and has

a vocabulary of about 8 words. Not to sound as if I'm bragging but I

think what she eats has a LOT to do with this."