Paleo New Year?

Did you get in that last bit of dairy, grains & beans last week before you ‘went Paleo’ on Jan. 1?

I’d suggest another approach.

Just as New Year’s Eve Resolutions don’t tend to stick for lots of people, rather than tell yourself that you will arbitrarily be ready on Jan 1 for something you may have tried to do before for no other reason than the fact that it’s… January 1st, may set you up for an unsuccessful attempt.

While I’d be as happy as can be if everyone were Paleo, I do often suggest to clients that they first understand the ‘why’ (so that they remember there’s a legitimate, scientific reason for eating this way) and then choose a time when their life is least stressful- i.e. not right before a big race, moving houses or starting a new job.

Then, you can hedge your bets favourable and give yourself the best chance to follow the Paleo Diet with complete commitment so that you can really reap all the benefits.

Following it haphazardly just simply won’t allow you to see how amazing you can truly feel.

So- read the book, buy the cookbook, post questions on my blog about all things Paleo and then- choose a time, (maybe today?:) when you will be best equipped to experience how good you can feel being Paleo.

Happy New Year!