Are ” SUPER FOODS” Paleo?

Maca, Acai, Goji Berries & Chia Seeds… just to name a few, are hot topics of conversation with regard to whether they have a role in The Paleo Diet as well as if they are actually all they are touted to be.


Does Maca really increase libido?

Will drinking an Acai smoothie truly help to prevent heart disease? Acai-berry

By eating Goji Berries, are you honestly going to access the proverbial fountain of youth?  


AND- did cavemen eat any of the above?

To start, one needs to look at why they're looking for a 'super food' in the first place and decide whether eating it is realistically going to be the deal maker or breaker.

Furthermore, one should probably not go with the 'if a little is a good idea, then a LOT is even better' approach.  

Finally, do your research and if you do decide you're going to try one of the 'wonder' foods, make sure you consider all factors.  For example, it turns out Goji Berries are actually quite high in saponins, so if you're following the AutoImmune Paleo Plan, you'd want to be sure to avoid them in particular.

My own personal take is that probably a little bit won't harm and could potentially help BUT far more important is what you're eating on a daily basis- think BIG PICTURE- and if it's a pure Paleo diet that you're following, I'd hedge a  bet that you don't need any miracle foods in the first place.

Aw, go have some kale!