French Food A Le Paleo

French cuisine- decadent, delicious… and Paleo?

How?  Isn’t it
all laden with heavy creams, sauces and cheeses?

Not necessarily!

Being such a devotee to cooking, I recently went to
see the film Julie & Julia (twice), the first time after which I was
prompted to come home and make a Paleo Boeuf Bourguignon.  (By
simply omitting the butter, I was able to make a fantastic Paleo version that
even might make Julia proud!)

 Having lived in Seattle from 2006 – 2009,  where there
seems to be a heavy French influence on some of my favorite restaurants, I’ve
come to learn that it’s quite doable to order off the menu in many Bistrots and
cafes without much hassle at all!

Another great feature of an authentic French eatery is that
the portion sizes tend to be more in line with what a person actually should
eat, versus the mega portions that Americans have, unfortunately gotten used

-Skip the baguette and butter and ask, instead, for olives
or crudités to munch. on pre-dinner

-Veg:            Many
restaurants offer sides of veg as choices on the menu- simply check with your
server to ensure they’re grilled, steamed or prepared in another fashion
without the use of dairy.  A great
option is ratatouille- (if you’re not following the auto-immune plan)- a dish
made with tomato, eggplant & zucchini- it’s paleo already without making
any modifications!

As always, just ask to hold the dressing and ask for olive oil and lime or
lemon wedges on the side.  Often
the salads feature a variety of fresh herbs- a great way to introduce them to
your palate!

-Mains: A simple roast chicken is frequently a great menu
option, as is fish en Papillote (fish steamed in parchment atop julienned
veg).  The fish of the day may be a
good choice- ask about the preparation and if need be, order the sauce on the
side or omit it all together if it’s got cheese or cream.

Dessert: House-made sorbets are a great option for an
occasional splurge; even better ask for a bowl of in-season fresh fruit!