Today’s Superfood: Green Powder

“A mere spoonful will provide your RDA of over 20 vitamins and minerals”, touted the website of one particular green powder. I, too, used to regularly take a spoonful of some kind of dehydrated green powder every single morning.  Looking back, I don’t know why I thought I needed to spend the money, since I was already eating a ton of fresh veggies and some fruit each day. Aside from the cost, there’s hidden ingredients to take into consideration. Often, the green powders contain young barely or wheat grass, as well as pea and rice powder and sometimes even some sneaky soy is thrown into the mix. While there is no doubt that greens are extremely alkaline to the body and we certainly want our overall picture to contribute to an ideal pH, but simply stirring in a powder isn’t likely going to do the trick in and of itself. At the same time, if you find one that truly doesn’t contain anything sneaky or unfavorable, it probably won’t do any harm to your body, even if it does feel a bit offensive to your wallet. My takeaway: not necessary. Just pile on the kale and balance it out with seaweed…as well as plenty of other veggies of all shapes, colors and seasons. *One thing to note- green powdered mixes are not to be confused with pure spirulina, one food I really do feel deserves the title of superfood!