“Who has the time to prepare healthy food?”

Today as I chatted with a woman who'd asked me for some advice on how to keep from getting too hungry during her workday, it dawned on me how few people acknowledge how much of a priority nutrition really is.

After explaining to her my philosophy on going to the grocery store twice per week and then spending a single hour grilling chicken, baking yams, steaming veggies, washing fruit (all easy tasks that don't require a culinary degree and serve to keep you stocked on healthy choices for two – three days to follow), she rolled her eyes and told me she already had a full time job!

Yes, you do need to allocate time to go to the store, prepare food and put it in containers in order to bring them to work the next day.  How much time?  As I wrote above, you can easily do it in an hour or less, twice per week (the twice-weekly approach is only to ensure that your food is not sitting too long getting old!).

Where do you find the time if you're a mom, a busy exec, a student with two jobs?  You just find it.  Make it a priority and do it!  It needs to be a priority, and not just if you are someone who is trying to lose a few pounds.  

A sound nutritional plan, combined with a regular exercise regime is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle; everything else follows.  Whatever it is that you do, if you're healthy and fit, you can perform every task, both mental and physical, better, if you've supplied your body with the nutrients it needs.  You're simply NOT going to do that by starving all morning because you 'didn't have time for breakfast', getting your sugar fix mid morning with a mocha and a white bagel, crashing and then doing the same thing mid afternoon and then finally getting home late and stuffing yourself with whatever junk you find at home!

MAKE it a priority- it will become a habit; you WILL feel better and have more energy- and that's a promise!