Authentic Paleo: Short, Simple and Right to the Point (it’s. just. food.)

Because we can all use a refresher sometimes, right?

I’ve come to realize that there’s just no one-size fits all approach.  There are just too many things to factor in, like our genetics, our ancestry, what lifestyle we’ve chosen to adopt and what our overall picture of health looks like.

However, I do still strongly support understanding and at least partially implementing an authentic Paleo approach as the starting point from which to decide if one wants to test foods out which may not actually be part of a true, strict Paleo approach.

Not that I’m suggesting regular pizza and beer; rather, for some, full fat grass fed butter might make sense (I’ve been trying this out myself over the last several months).

For others, incorporating strategic starch into an otherwise ketogenic-Paleo approach can work.

This doesn’t make butter Paleo, nor does it make that strategic starch part of being in nutritional ketosis….but who cares?

It’s not about forcing oneself into a label of how to eat; it’s about creating our own eating blueprint that supports all of us on our individual journeys toward optimal health.

Only we know how we feel!

Here’s a recent piece I did for Food Direct’s Blog outlining the basics (including a recipe for a special occasion treat…when it makes sense).