Today’s Healthy Holiday Tip…

Keep creative with coming up with new ways to festively prepare veggies!   

-Serve crudites consisting of red & green bell peppers, steamed broccoli al dente and home-made guacamole – all in keeping with Christmas=y colors of red & green.  

-Try using a small pumpkin as a vehicle to both cook and serve a hearty, lean-beef stew, full of healthy protein, iron & root veg., and incorporate holiday favorite herbs such as thyme & sage.

-Whip baked yams with a touch of olive oil, and nutmeg instead of traditional mashed potatoes, laden with cream & butter.

-For dessert, focus on seasonal, in-season produce, like citrus or pears.  Try poaching the later in water with a vanilla bean for a hint of decadence.

As always- just play!