6 Tips to Packing a Paleo Sack Lunch Your Co-Workers Wished They Packed

Making healthy eating choices over the weekend when you’re at home is easy enough if you’ve cleaned out your kitchen and done just a little bit of prep. Eating on the go is equally as simple, with only the smallest amount of planning. But how can you handle a co-worker who’s constantly bringing in goodies for the office, or a break room that’s stocked with microwave popcorn and candy?


Staying on track at work is one of the trickiest routes to navigate, for several reasons. The American Dietetic Association reports 70% of Americans eat at their desks several times a week.1 Not only are they not giving themselves a healthy break from sitting and being on the computer, they’re often not paying close attention to what they’re eating, nor are they enjoying their meals, both of which can lead to mindless overeating.


In addition, vending machines in the office, fast food restaurants nearby, and that one colleague who loves baking so much and brings in cookies, cakes, and brownies on a regular basis to share with everyone create a situation where sugar is readily available everywhere you look.


Add the stress factors of the workplace when you haven’t started the day off with a workout and a proper protein, veggie and healthy fat breakfast, this can impact your resilience negatively, when all the junk food seems to be omnipresent.


However, there are ways to overcome skating on thin ice at work; all it takes it a little bit of strategy and preparation, and you’ll be able to go from succumbing to the workplace’s eating temptations to not even giving those homemade brownies at 10 A.M. on a Tuesday a second thought.




By getting in even a 30 minute session prior to eating breakfast in the morning you’ll up your body’s ability to burn fat as it’s fuel, according to a recent study.2 Plus, working out puts you in the right state of mind to choose good food later in the day.




Start with veggies- whatever is local, in season and, ideally organic and add some rich protein sources such as wild salmon or farm fresh eggs and a hearty dollop of fat, such as avocado, olive oil or both! A low glycemic meal with a good portion of fat will help your body continue on its fat burning path all day long, helping promote mental focus and a significantly less chance of a cravings later on since there will be no blood sugar spikes and crashes to be had.




Eat a little bit of fat during the day to tide you over until your next meal. Some who follow a primal approach might opt to use bulletproof coffee,3 but even those who prefer to stay Paleo can elicit similar benefits by adding a splash of MCT oil to their morning green tea.




You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again. Planning and packing a lunch is the most cost effective, efficient way to ensure you’re getting a sound, balanced meal with no sneaky hidden ingredients. Just make extra at dinner and use the leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch!




Steer away from the idea of needing ‘snack’ foods. Most of what we think of in this category consists of packaged, refined, processed, high in sugar and sodium items that is anything but fresh and healthy. Low in calories, or no carb or sugar free doesn’t equal a healthy snack. It usually just equals a mini meal of little to no nutritional value.




Perhaps the simplest thing you can do is to stay on top of water consumption. Thirst can often be masked as hunger and preventing dehydration is as simple as refilling a water glass on the hour, depending on the size, to make sure you’re getting enough.  How much is enough? It varies from person to person, but if you’re using the bathroom regularly, and your urine is light straw in color, you’re on top of your game.


The sooner you begin to implement these easy tips at work, the sooner you’ll find yourself not being tempted by sugary, salty junk food that seems to be everywhere in the office.


It may take a short while for these new habits to bed in, but it’ll be worth it to have the place you’re spending at least half your time at no longer be a danger zone when it comes to eating.




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