Fitness Training

I like to make exercising fun for my clients. 

Everyone has different goals and hurdles, and it is up to me to keep you coming back  by keeping up on the most current training methods, paying close attention to your feedback and not letting you get bored! Regardless of past obstacles or a general dislike […]

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A Rainbow Colored Plate

The next time you sit down to a meal, have a look at your plate. What color(s) do you see? Is white the predominate shade of all your ‘food’? Does white pasta, rice, bread, flour and sugar make everyday appearances in your diet? If so, you’re missing out! Not only from a nutritional standpoint, but […]

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Daily Food Log November 10, 2007

Breakfast 5:30am homemade smoothie: cold, brewed, unsweetened green tea 1 T flax meal 1 T lecithin granules 1 T raw almond butter 1/2 c organic pumpkin 2 scoops plain whey protein powder dash of cinnamon Meal#2 9am (salad greens and steamed kale leftover from last night) 3 oz sauteed lean ground turkey 1 T cold […]

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